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Whale House is a psychedelic rock band that surfaced in 2007 when Caleb Price and Clayton Brice met in Music Composition class at the University of Wisconsin Eau Claire.  They bonded over their love of rock music from the 60s counter-culture, but also shared an affection for the 90s alternative rock of their childhoods.  Their music combines these two influences with an implacable urge to experiment with structure and timbre to create a sound that is entirely their own.

Whale House started small, self-producing tracks from Clayton’s apartment that were half-song, half sound-collage.  As their desire for a greater range of expression grew so did their need for a skilled team to help craft the sound, and they moved to the professional studio.  Between 2009 and 2012 they have released 3 Eps and 2 singles.  They have played all across the Midwest, opening for acclaimed bands such as Retribution Gospel Choir and The Bad Bad Hats.

Their latest and first full-length album “Clowder” was recorded direct to tape in Drum Farm studios, a repurposed organic farm located in Northwest Wisconsin.  With the help of drummer John Richardson, they recorded the bulk of the tracks live as a three-piece to recreate the spontaneity of a live show.  Veteran producer Tom Herbers recorded and mixed the songs.  The lead single “Milk” will be released along with a video in September, with the album release following in September. They look forward to sharing their music with you.

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